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You know I am reminded of the conversation I just had with Jock last night. He has reminded me that I never put up with being treated this way & if he (one of my closest friends) did I would probably drop kick him out the damn door. So why am I allowing this one to do so when she isn’t one of my closest friends? Oh, the reason he called? To tell me that Desi (my adopted daughter) is upset about this whole LULOC business. So in response *though I do understand & know that this is just adding fuel*…

I am pissed off now. Before you were just upsetting me, that is fine. But when you upset my daughter then you have really messed up. So you want to play with me then fine. Let’s play. I do not need this drama over something that isn’t even worth it. When I have to calm my daughter over all this drama is too much. So grow up & get over this. I refuse to give away things that I have made to people that will not honor agreements. I never said that is was a pure gift. Get the facts straight. I changed what I forgot & she still refused so go grip at her. I don’t know what you think you all are going to achieve but it isn’t going to work. I refuse to give it away because someone can’t honor what they say.

Christina: This whole issue that you are so pissed about is between Melissa Ward & Hev’s Stitches. Is your name anywhere in there? NO! So butt out. You had no right to come & join a LJ community (which you did, cause you have never been a member before, I asked the moderators) just to go and accuse me of something I didn’t do. That issue is between S. Heron & Hev’s Stitches, again I do not see your name *wait let me check my contract….Nope, doesn’t say your name anywhere* So get a life & stay out of things that don’t concern you. DO NOT ACCUSE ME OF LYING! I am not a liar. As far as standing up for her, fine. What you did is way beyond standing up for her. If she has a problem with me then let her take it up with me. I refuse to handle a business problem with you that doesn’t even concern you, so get out of it.

Melissa Ward: The next time you make an order & decide that you don’t want it. CANCEL IT! I offered several times. This has nothing to do with money issues, just the simple fact that you decided you didn’t want it for any price, but wanted me to give it to you for free. I know I didn’t agree to a “gift” of this size. I may forget things, but I wouldn’t have forgotten that. ALL commissions go through my partner before I agree to them for price & acceptance. Everything goes through the partner as it should in any business. So there is two that disagree.

Also if you have a problem with me take it up with me, don’t have your “friends” do it. Have a little backbone. I kept the whole thing private, but I can tell that you haven’t so fine, you believe your side, I know the truth. I agreed that I forgot that it was a supply only commission (for the sake of our friendship) & changed the invoice. YOU STILL SAID NO! Don’t blame me for your decision. I explained to you about the LJ post. YOU REFUSE TO TALK TO ME. You want to act like a five year old then that is fine with me, I can stand with my head high.

If you want to know what really happened then read on…

Hev’s Stitches (HS) was commissioned to make LULOC for Melissa Ward. Since she is a friend HS didn’t have her sign a Stitching Contract like HS normally has people sign. *big mistake* HS states in comments of her site & via email that it would be a supply only stitch *yes, I forgot that. Excuse me, I changed the invoice.* for LULOC. Never did I say that LULOC would be a gift. While I was stitching LULOC HS was approached by K. Lange (around the middle of June) & S. Heron (about a week before it was finished) to also stitch them LULOC. *Though why Cristina can’t understand that other people may want the same picture is beyond me* HS was happy to accept the commissions with the understanding that they would be expected to pay for the commission & sign the contracts. They both agreed. K. Lange signed the contract & gave me the supply fee of $25 (no framing) up front. S. Heron asked me to hold her check for a week & she would sign the contract then. *background: this is about the tenth time S. Heron has done this to me, so I knew what was coming* I advised S. Heron that I would hold the check for one week, but if she cancelled again I would not do business with her again without being paid cash due to the fact that she keeps canceling. She understood & promised that she wouldn’t cancel. So there HS was with $50 in the supply cache & approx $90 more coming in before Christmas that would be free to use for bills & presents. HS could turn that $90 over to the partners in the business & then the money could be used to pay Vera back for supplies & Heather could use it to pay the bills & buy presents. LULOC got finished being framed & was approved by Melissa Ward so the next step was taken. The invoice was sent including labor *remember that I forgot that I said it was supplies only & no labor* so the invoice was over $100. *Did I mention that there was over $80 in discounts & the framing was half off) Realize though that LULOC is over 12,000 stitches & that is a lot of stitches, not that HS minds cause HS loves to make these designs. Melissa Ward replies & tells HS that she is very upset & that she was under the assumption that this was a gift & didn’t know she was going to be paying for more then the supplies. HS explains that HS’s computer just got wiped & she doesn’t have the emails that prove that. Melissa Ward then provides the emails. HS agrees & removes the labor charges. After that Melissa Ward still refuses to pay the $90 saying that she never approved the cost of the frame. HS advised her that the frame would be expensive because of the size of the design. HS advised her that if it was over $100 then HS would email her to ask, HS remembers Melissa Ward agreeing. Not HS fault if Melissa Ward forgets this. Melissa Ward offers to pay $63 for the project & HS refuses the offer because it will not even cover the cost of supplies. So since Melissa refused my offer & I refused her offer. HS asked her what she wanted to do. She wanted to quit the whole thing, so I said fine. HS is not going to give things away for free to people that don’t want to honor what they agree. So HS contacted K. Lange & asked if she still wanted LULOC & when she said yes, HS told her how much it was & she said fine & met me at my father’s office with a check for $136.35. So HS made more money cause Melissa Ward didn’t take the design.

Before this happened though, S. Heron advised me that she changed her mind & voided the check & so HS figured that she was going to be out the cost of LULOC *K. Lange wanted it to read “Love Me Love My Cats”* plus the other supply fee. HS told S. Heron that was fine but HS would not conduct business with her anymore. S. Heron took affront & argued with HS for a bit but finely agreed & understood HS point. So HS did what she normally did when HS is stressed over HS cross stitch, she vented about S. Heron while showing off her pictures at the LJ community she belongs to. But somehow Cristina got things all screwed up thinking HS was talking about Melissa Ward when HS was talking about S. Heron. So that is what happened & now it is going crazy.

Let me give a little details here. If you commission me to stitch you something you will be dealing with a business of two people, not me. I do my stitching under Hev’s Stitches & I do have a silent partner that basically helps me with the decisions of whether I take the commissions & if I need things purchased that the supply fee didn’t cover foots the bill. Since she is a silent partner, there is no reason that you have to know about her. I have checked this out before I started my business with my partner, so I know I am right. I do know how to run a business. I have been raised in a business environment since I was three years old. I know the ins & outs of all aspects. So do not tell me I don’t know what I am doing. This is not just an online business, I do most of my commissions offline & that is where most of my business takes place. I do not feel that I have to tell my online friends every piece that HS is commissioned to do. No, I also do not put everything in my gallery. The gallery only show my favorite pieces. Do you put every single picture you take in your gallery? I doubt it. I started file clerking at my father’s office when I was nine & moved up to tax processor. I KNOW WHAT A BUSINESS & HOW TO RUN THEM.

I am tired of this whole situation. I am finished with the both of you. I tried my hardest to remain civil & friends, but you both have made that impossible. Yes, I am leaving this in the open Internet space, cause I have done nothing wrong & I have nothing to hide. If you have a problem with that then that is your problem not mine.

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