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My mother’s infection has gone to the bone. They will do a MRI on the toe & on the sore that is on the other foot tomorrow. So now the only thing left to do is wait until it heals up enough for the surgeon to remove the toe. With her diabetes & her weight they are saying that it is a dangerous surgery & that she could be in the hospital for a while. They say she has a good chance of making it through the surgery, but like with all surgery there is a chance. This is not good. My mother is the one that holds this family (even if the family argues & sounds like we all hate each other) together. We honestly don’t know what to do without her. So if she is in the hospital I have no idea what is going to happen at home. Father & I will either try to kill each other or the house may explode, lol.

The two dogs are the other thing. Their world revolves around Mom. That is going to be interesting. Shiloh will not know what to do without seeing Mom everyday. He is going to be very vocal about his unhappiness also. I wonder if we could sneak a 15lb. Schnauzer & a 10lb. Bichon Frise into the hospital to see her? Hmm…I’ll have to think about that.

As for me, I haven’t been more then a week without seeing her every day. Though I imagine I will handle it a lot better then father. They haven’t been apart for the last 32 years longer then three days, lol. Daddy is going to go crazy. But if he thinks that he isn’t going to be taking me to see her most every day he is full of it. I am not going to leave my mother in a hospital (the same bloody hospital that let my beloved Grandmother die) he is full of it.

So for the next month or so I will be online every day like normal, but I will not be active like I usually am. This came at a good & bad time. With the drama that is going on (things need to cool down) & with my mother I need some time just to relax. Since I refuse to take the blame for something I didn’t do or start, I would also like to say that this in no states that I am wrong in any way. I refuse to get stressed out over people acting like five year olds & can not get over something. I also refuse to justify every little thing I type on Twitter or Facebook. I live in a free country that allows me to type & say what I choose to. If you don’t like then that is your problem. You have just the same right as I do so stop trying to infringe on my rights.

The bad timing is that it is the beginning of Tax Season & Dad needs her at the office since I can’t work because of my seizures. If she is in the hospital then Dad has to handle the tax work & the bookkeeping all by himself. We handle over 800 tax returns every year. That is a lot of return for a single person to handle along with all the clients that he does the book work for. But if there is one thing that we do very well is that we survive everything that life throws at us. Though I have to admit that I wish it wouldn’t so hard all the time.

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