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My mother went back to the foot specialist yesterday. He couldn’t determine what bacteria she had cause she has been on antibiotics for so long. But he was able to confirm that the infection was in Mom’s big toe bone, so it will have to come off. *starts bawling again* Well, they won’t do the surgery until Mom gets her diabetes under control. Her sugars have gone from 400 down to 300 & this morning it was 192 which is very very good. Dad & I were whooping & yaying in the kitchen this morning when she told us what the reader said. I am so proud of her. The last time she had it in the one-hundreds was about 20 years ago when she was first diagnosed. So now if she can keep it low they will operate as soon as she gets approved for aid & the surgeon talks to her. I am at the point of wanting it taken care of & at the same time wanting to scream & rave that how in the *bleep* did this happen in the first place. I just don’t know what we are going to do without mom around the house. But we just have to hope & pray for the best.

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