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I have had it with Dreamhost. They are now telling me that I have overused my bandwidth & disk space. Hmm….I use about 1.32gb bandwidth & less then 1000mb space currently. So it isn’t me. It has to be someone else on my server. But they are not listening to me. So I shall leave. I have been with them since 2004 that is six years, so you would think they would listen to me when I say something or at least explain things to me. So I did some digging & from the last time I was looking I came across Holdfire but they were still what I considered a “new” host, but they are now not so “new” & I figure that they should have worked the kinks out, lol. Plus, it gives me a change to bug the devil out of Jordan while I am at it, lol. Just kidding. I honestly prefer to handle everything myself & let the host just keep the site up & remind me to pay the bill, lol.

I was thinking of changing the domain name, but the more I thought about it, the more I just couldn’t change it. But I am going to be changing some things. No longer am I going to have a sub-domain for my blog. My hosting on Dreamhost is paid up until Feb. 7th & hopefully I will have everything moved by then if not then I will pay for another month. But once everything has gotten moved I will change the blog to & the name to Tiger Whispers. I have lots of ideas to implement since I don’t have the weight of trying to create my own themes now. I can just edit & add the CSS codes that I need to add to them. That makes it a lot easier on me to handle. Now all I have to create is my QBee quilts & even those I just have to make the graphics for & that is easy for me.

My goal is a stress free hosting system & I am hoping Holdfire will handle that for me. So I am going to start it in the morning. Once you see the blog moved to then you will know that the hosting move has been successful & I haven’t blown anything up, lol.

Oh, any tips or help with CPanel would have apprieciated.

**Oh, I also don’t have to leave the QBee. The Queen Bee herself says that it is ok & goes along with the rules.**

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